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Windsurfing in Vassiliki

A top-of-the line Windsurfing spot that will make your world go topsy-turvy: Vassiliki

Riding the waves under an ever-shining bright sun, next to an eye-catching landscape may not be the most challenging task for a Shipsterns Bluff surfer. It is ideal though for every windsurfer lover, beginner or highly advanced, that seeks for a perfect windsurfing holiday spot. Where to find it? In one of the 10 best places for windsurfing in the world, the “Vassiliki” beach on the island of Lefkada, in Greece! In Vassiliki, you may not experience the gigantic waves of Tasmania, but you will definitely adore the marvelous waters that are ideal for practicing windsurfing.

The beach is nestled between two slopes that create a mistral (thermal wind) called “Eric” by the locals. The wind patterns during the day allow every type of windsurfer to practice: in the morning, sup cruising and courses are aided by the light breeze while in the afternoon gradually increasing currents offer the chance of wild stunts and maneuvers, creating an eye catcher.

For the “newbie” windsurfers: The sea of Vassiliki beach is really shallow. At the start of the day, the sea is still and you won’t even notice the wind blowing. You can try to participate in a sup cruise, a windsurfing course, or simply swim along the coast.

For the experienced windsurfers: The “Eric” or “Phenomenon” mistral is present for – at least – 15 days in May and September, 20 in June and September and 25 in August. The wind usually blows from 4-5 bft. to 6-7 and peaks 8 during the best days. Conditions are sides shore and best for slalom and freestyle windsurfing. During winter, conditions still favor windsurfing.

The famous “Surf Festival” in Vassiliki attracts thousands of tourists every year. For more information visit the website:

Regarding those that do not own any equipment, do not worry: there are plenty of clubs and stores with special pro equipment available for hiring or acquirement. In addition to that, expert stuff is available and ready to answer all of your questions. With so many people around at Vassiliki Beach all-year long, get to know with every surfer and enjoy an incredible and – at the same time – unique holiday experience!

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